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Upcoming Events:

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Public Witness

  • Ashes-To-Go​

  • Beer & Hymns

  • Carrollton Parades at Christmas & 4th of July


Racial Trust Building

  • Social Justice Initiatives

  • Sacred Ground Small Groups

  • Police and Pastors Luncheon

“The ministry of racial trust-building encourages thoughtful, grace-filled conversations about the history of racism in our country and community, to recognize the need to repair the trust broken between all humanity, to speak out when trust is further broken, to repent of our own inherent racism and prejudices, and to receive the grace that full inclusion and racial harmony can bring. This ministry has an aspect of working within the congregation of St. Margaret’s, but also how to turn outward to have such conversations with our community.”  

The Very Reverend Jeff Jackson


Global Mission

  • Diocesan-Level Partnership between Diocese of Atlanta and Diocese of Cape Coast, Ghana

  • Parish-Level Partnership between St. Margaret’s and Sister Parish of St. Teresa’s, Cape Coast, Ghana

  • Prayers for our partner diocese and sister parish are incorporated into our worship.  Mutually beneficial opportunities for prayer and ministry for members of both parishes to support each other and deepen relationships between the parishes continue to be generated. 

  • St. Margaret’s / St. Teresa’s partnership structure serves as a template for other Diocese of Atlanta / Diocese of Cape Coast parish relationships.



  • Book Club, est. 2020, invited people identifying as LGBTQIA+ and allies to gather virtually to discover and discuss ways that the Episcopal church has embraced the queer community and how it can continue to recognize the inherent value of queer church members. The purpose of this group was to build community and recognize ways experiences of those identifying as queer people might help Episcopalians better understand their fundamental calling and the creation of sacred spaces.  

  • Safe Zone Project 

  • Carrollton PRIDE Celebration 

  • Conversations on Queer History

“It’s interesting to see how the church evolves and taps into new members by creating more inclusive policies, by offering different types of worship opportunities, and by revisiting history 

to create a more equitable future.”  

Sarah Jones, Ph.D., Book Club Facilitator

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