St. Margaret’s Community Outreach Programs

Out Outreach programs seek to provide for the unmet needs of the poor and disadvantaged throughout Carroll County and beyond without discrimination as to race, religion, color, creed or national origin, and to provide those families and individuals opportunities which will enable them to address and overcome the causes of poverty in their lives. Below are some of the programs that we provide to the community through our interns and volunteers:


General Assistance

General assistance for clients takes many forms, including, but not limited to, payments made on behalf of clients for housing, utilities, food, gasoline and/or medicine. Assistance may also be given to clients with clothing, as well as information and access to educational programs and employment opportunities. The General Assistance Program is partially funded by the Community Foundation of West Georgia.


Those seeking assistance are invited to call SMCO at (770) 834-5282 for an appointment. A voicemail greeting  provides information. 

Circles of West Georgia

St. Margaret's Community Outreach, in partnership with the Community Foundation of West Gerogia, launched this innovative, community-driven way to solve poverty in the West Georgia area in 2015. 


Circles' mission is to inspire and equip families and communities to thrive and end poverty. SMCO serves as a feeder program, identifying participants for Circles of West Georgia. To find out how you can participate in Circles  of West Georgia , click here.


Intensive Care & Follow-Through Program (ICF)

This program works to build accountability by requiring  participants to "earn" continued guidance and financial assistance by "following through" on the actions defined by ICF, as steps toward one or more defined goals. When appropriate, the ICF Program serves as a feeder program to Circles of West Gerogia.


Backpack Snack Program 

This program provides nutritious weekend snacks to children identified as “at-risk for hunger” at a local middle school. SMCO participates as a “team player” with numerous other local players providing snacks for students at other area schools. 

Paper Pantry Program

The Paper Pantry Program provides essential personal care products (which may not be purchased with food stamps) to those in need. Products are delivered to the hospital rooms of new mothers by program volunteers from St. Margaret's and the community. Products are also available from the office of SMCO. 


The program distributes gifts from many  different individuals and organizations, including, among others, Carrollton Dawnbreakers Rotary, St. Margaret’s ECW, and Grace Lutheran Church. 


 Homework Helper Program 

Homework Helper provides school children opportunities they otherwise would not have. One afternoon a week, volunteers from St. Margaret’s, local high schools, the University

of West Georgia and the community conduct the Homework Helper program in a low-wealth apartment community in Carrollton. Special programs and projects supplement basic tutoring and skills-building. Carrollton Golden

K Kiwanis Club provides partial funding for the Homework Helper program. 

Seasonal/Occasional Projects

SMCO frequently administers and provides coordination and oversight for charitable programs for other entities (civic clubs, school groups, etc.).


St. Margaret’s Community Outreach has consistently assisted with the distribution of Carrollton City School’s system-wide homecoming collection of enormous proportions of personal care items into the local community.


Many civic and church groups of other denominations utilize the distribution/allocation mechanism  that St. Margaret’s Community Outreach offers.