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Purpose: The Adult Christian Formation Commission at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church supports the
continuing education and spiritual development of church members and non-member friends.
Through learning and fellowship in a wide variety of faith-forming programs, we nourish and
challenge adults as they explore their faith and grow in relationship with God.

Duties: Plan, facilitate, and/or coordinate with educational and spiritual groups sponsored or
accommodated by St. Margaret’s, specifically, Adult Sunday School, Centering Prayer, Episcopal
101, Friday Book Club, Intercessory Prayer, and Quiet Days. We appeal to and learn from clergy,
parishioners, and non-parishioners within our community and the Atlanta diocese.

Upcoming Events:

  • June 9 - Deadline to Register for SoSaSJ Field Trip to Montgomery, AL -- Click HERE to Register!

  • June 23 - Hive Meeting #3 in the Parish Hall

  • July 27 - SoSaSJ Field Trip to Montgomery, AL

  • August 4 - BACK TO TWO SERVICES & SUNDAY SCHOOL (Details coming soon!)

Click HERE for the Latest Adult Formation Commission Minutes

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