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The Pumpkin Patch Through the Years

Our Goals


  • Funding next year's Pumpkin Fest!

  • General maintenance and upkeep so we can continue to provide the community a space for whatever they need... be it a stage, a kitchen, a shower, a sleeping space, an office, or a conference room... St. Margaret's is dedicated to service.

Youth & Children: 

  • Spark Program

    • See festival table for more information.​​

  • Pilgrimage trips for Youth

  • Church van for trips to Camp Mikell

Worship Commission

  • Paid soloists

  • Increased altar flower fund.

  • Nave torches, new vestments for vergers and choir members.

  • Rose-colored hangings for gaudete and laetare Sundays.


Episcopal Evangelism:

  • Funding for parade floats, Pride booth

  • Funding for YAS!* Ministry

  • Evangelism Resources


Adult Formation:

  • Learning materials

  • Giftcards for guest speakers

  • Compensation for spiritual director for Quiet Days

*Young Adults, and Students!

Goal Meter

Untitled design.png

Sponsor Benefits


  • 3 Tickets* for the Festival

  • Featured in list of sponsors

Pumpkin Patron:

  • 5 Tickets* for the Festival

  • Featured in list of sponsors

Gourd Guardian:

  • 10 Tickets* for the Festival

  • Featured in list of sponsors

  • Logo and Name featured on all promotional materials and advertising.

Harvest Hero:

  • 10 Tickets* for the Festival

  • Featured in list of sponsors

  • Logo and Name featured on all promotional materials and advertising.


*Sponsor tickets carry a value of $15 each. They are good for 1 entry, and 1 BBQ plate. All other items, such as baked goods, alcoholic beverages, and pumpkins, are an additional cost. 

Goals Continued

Buildings & Grounds:

  • Paint church steeple

  • Build new ash memorial garden

  • Repair and paint exterior of Iona House

Pastoral Care:

  • Increase the amount of each food gift card from $30 to $50 each.

  • Create a transportation system to/from church for parishioners who can't drive.

  • Create a scholarship for 1-2+ individuals who wish to take COHI training.

Parish Life:

  • Parish events, suppers, and other opportunities to continue to encourage meaningful and lasting relationships among the parish and the community.


  • Blessing Bags

  • General Assistance

    • Helping more people with one-time bills, etc.​

  • Sponsoring a 3rd Starfish Family​

Brief History of Pumpkins at St. Margaret's

          Little did she probably realize, Laura Lenaeus, in June of 2004 began a legacy. The pumpkin patch has become so synonymous with St. Margaret's that we are known to many as "The Pumpkin Church." There have been kids who have grown up with the patch and some who are even beginning to bring their own children.

         Now, on the 20th anniversary, we have decided to expand our reach! Instead of just a patch, we are having our first annual "Pumpkin Pickin' Festival." In the past, the patch has served as a fundraiser for youth, but we want to have an event that benefits the entire church and all that we strive to do for the community. This year, in addition to our regular pumpkin sales, we will have BBQ, baked goods, children's activities, photo opps, contests, musical guests, a silent auction, several community partners, and a shuttle to and from the Arts Festival in the square.

        We, the pumpkin planning committee, who have been meeting since January of this year, have high hopes that this, like the pumpkin patch so many years ago, will become another staple in Carrollton and a highlight of our church year.

We hope to see all of you on October 12th, 2024!

       We also want to invite anyone who may have ever worked the patch, visited the patch, or has any connections to St. Margaret's to come out that day! Think of it like a homecoming of sorts!


Click the "Become A Sponsor" button above if you are interested in helping out with this event!

A Little About St. Margaret's

       Nestled in the heart of our community, St. Margaret's Episcopal Church draws its inspiration from the remarkable life of St. Margaret of Scotland, a beacon of compassion and faith in turbulent times.

       Born around 1045, Margaret's journey from the Hungarian court to Scotland was marked by resilience and grace. Her marriage to King Malcom Canmore blossomed into a partnership of wisdom and holiness, as she devoted herself to charitable works and reconciliation within the church. 

       St. Margaret's Episcopal Church has honored Margaret's legacy through its unwavering commitment to service and unity. From its humble beginnings as an "Unorganized Mission" Church in 1887 to achieving full parish status in 1965, St. Margaret's has been a steadfast presence in our community. 

       Under the leadership of dedicated clergy like the Rev. Dewey Gable (1952-1956) and the Rev. James A. Callahan (1982-2001), St. Margaret's expanded its outreach, establishing vital initiatives such as the Soup Kitchen in 1983 and St. Margaret's Community Outreach in 1991. 

       In 2012, the Old Gable House made way for the Callahan Center, a testament to St. Margaret's commitment to growth and innovation. The establishment of Circles of West Georgia in 2014 and the gifting of the Bass House (later renamed The Iona Center) in 2015 further enriched our community offerings. 

       Today, under the guidance of the Reverend Jeff Jackson, St. Margaret's continues to be a beacon of hope and compassion, embodying the spirit of St. Margaret in all that we do. 

Together we are dedicated to serve Carrollton with minds to think, hearts to love, and hands to serve.

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